Give me a shout

Want piece of mind (or that written-by-a-professional polish) before you send your next big thing out?

Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are incredibly easy to make. Their even easier to miss when you’re proofreading.

I’m willing to bet that you considered closing the tab before you even read this paragraph because of that mistake.

A mistake in your copy can have a massive impact on sales and on your brand image, to say nothing of the fact that annoying copywriters – like me – will probably send you an email offering their help with writing and proofreading. (And nobody wants that.)

But, when you’ve been working on a document or some copy for ages and have finally made it to the final read through, it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees.

You’ve read the same sentences so many times that you’re not noticing the details any more – and it’s easy to miss a mistake or leave a sentence a little jumbled.

And why send out something that isn’t as good as it can possibly be?


(Plus, even if your copy is typo-free and grammatically perfect, it might still lack the sizzle and panache to lead to a sale. A quick proofread and tidy up from a professional copywriter can give it that final wow factor to make the sale.)

Why not have a fresh set of eyes check it over and give it final touch up?