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Want to send emails that convert?

You send emails everyday, so why should you hire an email copywriter? Good point.

But have a quick look at your inbox – how many emails have you got sitting unread? And how many unread emails have you already deleted without even opening?

How are you going to make your email, newsletter or on-boarding process stand out?

It’s no easy feat. You have to get the copy exactly right; from the ‘Open Me!’ subject line through the personal and engaging copy and all the way to the CTA.

And that’s where an email copywriter can help.

I’ve written emails that have delivered consistently high open-rates, internal click-through-rates and delivered well over target. I’ve written email campaigns that have done everything from raising over £1.4 million for charity to bringing in new customers for small businesses.

If you’re looking for an email copywriter to make sure your next campaign is a success, give me a shout.