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OK, technically this isn’t a portfolio. And it’s definitely not a page of impressive images or long snippets of copy that’s been designed to wow you.


Because, while that’s all well and good, you’re not just looking for somebody who can write well.

You’re looking for somebody who can write copy that gets results.

And that’s what I do.

So, to prove that, here are a handful of the results I’ve helped my clients achieve.

(If you’d like to see some samples of my writing, just drop me a message and I’ll send you over a few examples.)

Authority-establishing content that boosted traffic by over 200%

Client: Bamboo Loans LTD

Brief: To produce twice weekly blog posts that target SEO keywords and provide useful content for their target audience. (Content is also compliant with FCA rules.)

Results: Most importantly, a 234.91% increase in traffic, an improved Google Ranking, strong page views, low bounce rates, significantly improved time on page (over 150 seconds) and successful targeting of new demographic.

Additionally, many customers have asked for blog posts to be sent to them and their proposed guarantors during the application process, confirming Bamboo as an authority on the subject and improving their on-boarding process.

Fundraising emails that raised over £1.6 million

Client: RNLI

Brief: In addition to producing monthly supporter emails (which consistently delivered open rates of between 40% and 50%, a 235% increase on industry average), I was tasked to produce copy for the first Christmas Appeal email, to be delivered to over 400,000 supporters and designed to raise £1.4 million.

Results: The campaign surpassed targets, bringing in 109% of its target – almost £1.6 million – in just over a month. The email surpassed industry and sector average open rates, especially for the Christmas period, with an open rate of 30%. The content of the email also exceeded the sector average click through rate, with a 10.8% CTR (in comparison to the sector average of 2.84%).

Result-boosting direct mail during 2015 General Election

Client: The Conservative Party

Brief: To research and produce articles to introduce the candidate and her policies to the constituency, which was considered a safe seat for the opposition. Produced alongside other articles and delivered to the constituency’s 72,000 residents.

Results: The candidate received the most votes for the party in the region in over a decade with 23.4% of the regional vote, a clear indication of a significant shift in constituent opinion and behaviour.

Highly successful social media content

Client: RNLI

Brief: To produce an engaging article for the online magazine to coincide with a news event. The piece was to be written with the intention of promoting the news across social media, and needed to be engaging, interesting and shareable.

Results: The second-best performing piece across the RNLI’s social media for 2015, with over 2,000 Facebook interactions over the first 24 hours, and high levels of sharing, engagement and conversation.